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Union City’s Premiere Vending Machine Provider is Automatic Vending Services

From snack and cold food vending machines to beverage and office coffee vending machines, Automatic Vending Services is where you need to start to best cater to your Union City operation. We make vending easy, installing, stocking and servicing machines for free. Also, our selection is unlimited. Can’t choose between Coke or Pepsi vending machines? You don’t have to, as we have both. The same goes with our other items. The selection is completely up to your discretion.

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Union City Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Union City businesses run on coffee, and Automatic Vending Services gives you a simple solution to bring the coffee in house. We offer the brewing machines you demand, from traditional to single-cup technologies, and the coffees and teas you want. We set up the machines, stock your break rooms, and clean and maintain your machines. If water quality is an issue, we also provide water filtration services. Simply hook our bottleless filtration units into your water supply and better tasting water is available at a simple turn of a faucet.

Demand more from your vending program. Contact Automatic Vending Services via e-mail at or call 510-475-5319.

Break room experts Automatic Vending Services bring Fremont’s best vending and office coffee solutions directly to you.

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