Delicious entrees sure to keep The Bay Area employees on-site and satisfied.

Fresh up food

Where quality ingredients meet deli-style appeal

Featuring the best food vending machine menus tailored to The Bay Area businesses.

Fresh food at your Bay Area location provides employees with a healthy, scrumptious option. It’s perfect for companies with employees who work multiple shifts or who don’t wish to leave the location for breaks. Automatic Vending Service provides the food vending machines that make it easier for them to get a satisfying meal.

All food is prepared with top quality ingredients in a facility adhering to strict food handling practices. We rotate the options to keep your selections fresh and interesting while ensuring you have The Bay Area resident favorites and new food trend options.

Time for a change
  • Fresh Food

    From salads to sandwiches, we have the fresh options sure to please.

  • Customized Selections

    We will develop a fresh food vending machine program just for you.

  • Employee Benefit

    Providing delicious entree items is a valuable perk for employees.

  • Productivity

    Get more work done by eliminating the need to search for food options.

Your workplace food professionals

We ensure your employees have access to excellent food from modern food vending machines.

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