Make a difference at your Bay Area workplace with nutritious vending machine selections.

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Healthy vending machines in the Bay Area

We offer it all.

Premier provider of healthy vending machine products in the Bay Area.

Empower employees and gratify guests with nutritious and delicious alternatives to traditional vending fare.

Automatic Vending Services is at the cutting edge of food and beverage trends, and that is why we have created an extensive list of healthy vending machine options for your Bay Area location.

Choose from snacks that are organic, non-GMO, high protein, all natural, probiotic, and much more. It if fits in a vending machine, we offer it. Keep employees and guests satisfied while also benefitting from lower healthcare costs and fewer sick days.

Increase productivity with healthier employees who take fewer sick days.
Lower insurance premiums with a focus on healthy and wellness.
Satisfy the needs of today’s health-conscious employees and guests.
Keep staff at your Bay Area location and refreshed 24 hours a day.

Corporate wellness partners

Let us create a customized healthy vending solution for your Bay Area break room.

Choose from the top selling food, snacks, and beverages available that empower a healthier lifestyle. We offer a vast number of options all selected from the healthy vending category. These are better for you items with great taste and essential nutrients.

Bring wellness to life in your break room vending machine today.

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Add to your corporate efforts by offering nutritious snacks and beverages.


Reduce sick days and insurance premiums with healthier staff.


Reduce sick days and insurance premiums with healthier staff.


Make employees happy with the healthy vending items they prefer.

We offer only the best healthy vending products

Our selection includes taste tested products that are top sellers in the healthy product category.

Opt for the provider who not only offers healthy vending, but 3o years of vending machine experience -- Automatic Vending Service at 510.475.5319 or

Break room experts Automatic Vending Services bring Fremont’s best vending and office coffee solutions directly to you.

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