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Oakland Gets Its Vending Machines from Automatic Vending Services

Are you looking for vending machines for your Oakland office or facility? The answer is simple – Automatic Vending Services. The variety and technologies of vending machines are here, supplied with a huge variety of snacks, foods and beverages. The selection is based on what your people want. You name it, and we’ll provide it. We also deliver and install the vending machines for free, followed by regular stocking and maintenance. Ask about our unique vending agreements, including free and subsidized programs.

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Coffee and Water Filtration Services Available for Oakland Businesses

Automatic Vending Services has all the latest in brewing technology, from traditional brewers to the increasingly popular single-cup machines. Just tell us about your needs and we’ll find the right technology to match. Then we provide a great variety of coffee brands and flavors, not to mention teas, to get your service up and running. When you sign up with us, we take care of everything – including stocking your break room with the coffees, teas, cups, napkins and condiments. Water quality a problem at your location? Not anymore. Automatic has simple, yet powerful water filtration devices that connect to your water supply, delivering better water right from the tap.

Automatic Vending Services is ready to serve you. Contact us today at 510-475-5319 or

Break room experts Automatic Vending Services bring Fremont’s best vending and office coffee solutions directly to you.

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