Pretzels, nuts, and other snacks from a vending machine

Vending Machine Programs Designed for Emeryville

Boost morale and productivity with a vending machine program from Automatic Vending Services for your Emeryville location. We have all types of vending machines, such as snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines, Coke and Pepsi vending machines, and much more. All installed and maintained free of charge, and we fill them with a huge variety of products – all at your discretion.

Hot cup of black coffee on an office desk

Emeryville Gets Its Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services From Automatic

Are you looking for a cup of coffee worthy of being served in your office or facility? Automatic Vending Services has what you need, with the best in coffee brewing machines (traditional or single-cup) and the wide variety of coffees and teas. Furthermore, we offer water filtration devices to improve your water quality, whether for helping to achieve better tasting coffee or as a standalone drink. Our units plumb directly into the water line, letting you enjoy fresh, great tasting water right direct from the tap.

Make the best vending choice for your Emeryville operation. Contact Automatic Vending Services at 510-475-5319 or

Break room experts Automatic Vending Services bring Fremont’s best vending and office coffee solutions directly to you.

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